You'll Never Guess What Happens After This Pack Of African Wild Dogs Kills An Impala

Your Jaw Will Drop When You See What Happens After These African Wild Dogs Kill An Impala

After chasing down and killing an impala, this pack of African wild dogs were just starting to eat dinner when they had an unexpected guest.

Even though they're not nearly as famous as other predators like leopards and lions, African wild dogs are actually among the most successful predators in Africa. A couple of lucky tourists captured this incredible spectacle that unfolded after a pack of dogs started to eat an impala they had just killed.

Watch the video and see what rudely interrupted their dinner.

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Now that's what I call fast food! How would you like to see that in person? Leopards and African wild dogs are both relatively uncommon animals to see in Kruger Park, so to have a leopard steal an impala from a pack of wild dogs is an incredibly rare spectacle.

That's also a prime example of why leopards like to eat their prey in trees: it keeps lions, hyenas, and even African wild dogs from stealing their hard-earned meal.

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