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Youngster Dominates a Huge Redfish in a Battle He'll Remember Forever

This kid catches a redfish bigger than expected, and his reaction is priceless.

Sometimes, you see a young kid catching a fish (bigger than most of the ones you've caught), and it just makes you feel good. Everything about kids fishing is awesome!

Here's hoping more and more youngsters are able to appreciate and utilize the great outdoors as well as this little guy, and become dedicated anglers for years to come

Check out this masterclass:

That's, quite possibly, the greatest reaction to a big fish I've ever seen! Red drum don't normally get that large! That kid was PSYCHED!

"There is no 'We might,' there is just 'We will!'" Love that confidence! If I ever need some good fishing tips, I might turn to this guy.

Nearly 11 pounds is impressive no matter how old or experienced you are. And if you can't keep it, you at least went about it the right way and got the requisite video proof!

It looks like the video was shot during a fishing trip with Blast and Cast Men's Ministries, which makes this even more of a blessing. Depending on what time of year you go, the water temperature and condition, and whether or not you're with a fishing guide who knows the right fishing spots, you can have an excellent time catching bull redfish like this. It's something we'd all be interested in, no matter how much saltwater fishing we've done in the past.

From Florida to Texas, big redfish can be had in relatively shallow water and even from a kayak. When you see that giant game fish tailing your live baitfish, there's just nothing like it. They're an accessible fish species, but you typically need more than just a fishing license to catch or keep them. Make sure you check out your local regulations first.

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