You Wouldn't Think You'd be Able to Catch Fish With a Trap Like This

There are many ways to land a fish, but this fish trap is definitely one of the more creative methods you'll ever see.

The old fishing rod and reel will work every time when you need to catch your dinner. But sometimes you have to think outside the box to get lots of fish in a short amount of time, and this fish trap seems to be crazy effective.

Fishing smarter rather than harder is always better when you're trying to put dinner on the table. These anglers use this incredibly unique trapping system that'll blow your mind.

It's hard to believe until you watch it all unfold in front of your eyes.

Watch as this plastic pipe and piece of wood result in a heck of a catch!

It's always amazing to find these primitive-style videos on YouTube. Some of these villages, like this Bengali Village, make the most innovative and integrated systems to survive. Seeing a fish trap this successful is extraordinary.

So much thought, design and engineering go into many of their traps and systems. You have to think a lot of trial and error came before they mastered these concoctions. But the simplicity on this one is what's so unique about it.

Who would've thought that a pipe and a piece of wood could produce these results?