You Won't Believe How This Guy Catches a Gator with His Bare Hands

These ferocious meat eaters show that they may actually have a sweet tooth, or, you could say, viciously sharp rows of sweet teeth.

Catching gators is one thing. Using your bare hands is another level of bravery. But... using marshmallows as bait?

As you can see, it's less about the sugary delicious taste of the marshmallow and more about the way he's using them. The consistency is stout enough to make a splashing sound when he slams them into the water. They are white, so they stand out. And of course, they float.

I'm not sure if this man came up with the idea, but it's amazing how well it works. I've always read that alligators are timid, but I guess they can't resist marshmallows. It appears to be the perfect bait, IF your goal is catch a gator.

I'm sure that folks who grow up in the swamp might not think this is a big deal, but this certainly isn't something I will ever try.

If catching gators is on your bucket list, this is one way to do it. Just think about those "80 teeth" before you give it a shot.