You Need These 3 Weird-Looking Hardbaits That Will Actually Catch You Fish

Lure in your next trophy fish with these attractive hardbaits. 

Sometimes you have to get creative in an unchanging situation, you know? If you're doing or using the same tactics and tools but you aren't having luck, you might need to change it up a little. That's why I can't stop buying these crazy lures!

Below, we have selected a few oddball lures that are skilled in various ways. With life-like features, these lures will attract fish with their holographic eyes and loud rattle chambers, leading you to your next best catch.

3" Crazy Panfish Series Fishing Hard Lure Bait
fishing lure

This multi-jointed fishing hard lure is so lifelike, your fish will feel fooled even once they're hooked. This three-inch lure is just what you need to get the fish swimming your way and it's only $9.60.

NetAngler Poppers Fishing Lures Topwater Bait

fishing lure

This fishing bait is engineered to attract fish by creating disturbance and sound when you tug your rod. This is sure to keep those fish inching closer by provoking surface strikes with a popping action alongside looking realistic with beaming holographic eyes. You can make this one yours for just $9.99.

Rebel Lures Bumble Bug Fishing Lure
bumble lure

We all know that bugs on the surface tend to attract fish, so of course, this lure is going to take full advantage of that. The bumble bug lure is super light and features a wide wobbling action. This lure is great as a topwater lure or as a crankbait. Increase your chances on the water  for just $7.39.

Make sure you've got one of these on your line next time.