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You Know You're a New York Outdoorsman When...

These 30 things define a true New York Outdoorsman.

There are many things that can define a true outdoorsman, but there's nothing greater than being a true New York Outdoorsman! Many things may not be "good," and some are probably quite embarrassing, but all in all, being an outdoorsman from the great Empire State is something to be proud of.

If you've been a longtime resident to New York and can relate to these 30 things, you then are a true New York Outdoorsman.

1. The morning hunt you wore your coldest hunting gear and by evening watch, you are wearing the lightest hunting gear you own.

2. Some of your most prized hunting possessions are your snowshoes.

3. You can get your weather three months out of the year on national news because of severe cold temperatures and lake effect snow.

new york outdoorsman winter storm lake effect snow

4. The buck on your trail camera has a good chance of dying from the winter, or coyotes, before you get a chance at him.

5. Your best friend is a boot dryer.

6. You have a deer sled that attaches to both your four-wheeler and your snowmobile.

7. During hunting season, you are at hunting camp every weekend from Friday after work to Sunday evening.

8. Deer drives are often an excuse to beat the cold morning temperatures. "There's nothing moving... let's do a deer drive."

9. Public land is plentiful. Deer are not.

10. Bucks are measured by pounds and points, not by inches.

11. A deer shot under 110 pounds is considered small.

12. A single cab truck can transport at least 12 hunters and two dead deer.

13. Slow cookers and crockpots are your best friends.

new york outdoorsman hunting redneck crockpot chili

14. Cheap beer is your other best friend.

15. Your buddy at the beginning of hunting season: "This year, I'm getting serious and hunting hard."

16. Your buddy at the end of hunting season: "Next year, I'm getting serious and hunting hard."

17. You put more miles on your truck the three days after you kill a nice buck than you did all season long.

18. You apply for a doe tag in the area you hunt and wherever you are almost guaranteed to get one.

19. You own more tip ups than you can legally use at one time.

20. You have enough goose and duck decoys to open a small decoy store.

21. You use walkie-talkies for hunting and are usually on Channel 1, 5 or 12.

22. Someone you know owns a truck that looks like this:

23. You know the rules to every card game known to man.

24. You've been awake at 2:00 a.m. promising you are going to wake up in a couple hours to hunt (you usually don't).

25. You know the true means of "hunting hard," even if it has little reward.

26. You have to explain to everyone where you live in relation to Canada, because there's more to New York than New York City.

27. You own a Syracuse Orange camouflage hat.


28. Anytime there is a snow day, you are going ice fishing.

29. Most of your camouflage comes from Wal Mart or Herb Philipson.

30. You are not a fan of Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Oh, that last one though? How did we do? If you are a hunter or fisherman in New York, you can probably relate to a good majority of these.

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