Yosemite National Park Has A Toilet Paper Problem Due To Tourists Burying It After Using The Bathroom
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Yosemite National Park Has A Toilet Paper Problem Due To Tourists Burying It After Using The Bathroom

Yosemite National Park has a bit of an issue on its hands. And it's all due to toilet paper that tourists are leaving behind. When they use the bathroom, they're not taking the used toilet paper with them. Well, park rangers and other hikers are coming across that toilet paper on walking trails. And well, park rangers have had enough.

They posted to Instagram about the issue, sharing a photo of toilet paper on the trail. Park rangers found it near Rancheria Falls. They said it wasn't the first time.

They wrote, "Yosemite's majestic wilderness, stunning vistas, and... surprise! Used toilet paper waving hello near Rancheria Falls— a full roll too! Unfortunately, this is a sight that's become all too familiar in Yosemite, even in wilderness areas. If you bring toilet paper out on your trips, please pack it out too. You can bring a sealable plastic baggie to stash it in, and even cover the bag in tape so you don't have to look at it. Because really, nobody wants to stumble upon a surprise package left behind by an anonymous outdoor enthusiast."

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Yosemite National Park's Toilet Paper Problem

Another wrote, "Please don't bury toilet paper, it's easily exposed by weather and erosion, and animals can dig it up and disperse it long before it decomposes (which can take 1-3 years, depending on conditions). Some animals may even use it for nesting material (ew). Let's keep things clean and classy out there, by packing out whatever you carry in."

In response to the post, several hikers also shared their thoughts on the matter. One wrote, "This is a HUGE pet peeve of mine. Even tons of education and posts, "ladies" (yes you!) you don't need to leave your TP behind for a quick tinkle. Shove it in your pocket and carry on. My gosh, you won't die before you find a trash can. Better yet, carry a bandana for use, (no one will be the wiser), and rinse it out the first chance you get."

Another wrote, "I've hiked throughout the park, and considering the volume of visitors the park sees, I'm surprised the problem is not much worse. Overall, the trails look mostly respectable. What is clearly despicable are the restrooms at the park entrances, and many other locations in the park. If you wanna shake your stick at someone, consider shaking it at your chain of command and rectify this repulsive situation."

Yet another wrote, "It's pretty rare that I find trash on the Yosemite hiking trails."