YETI Unveils 2 New Products at Flagship Store

The brand that's built for the wild showed off their two newest additions to the product lineup.

YETI has unveiled two new products, both available in August, and both a step away from their typical insulated, "keep ice forever" objective that's dominated their product landscape to date.

The YETI Loadout, a new, stronger take on the 5-gallon bucket, as well as the Panga Submersible Duffel Bag, have passed the brand's rigorous design and test process to debut as their newest fall offerings.

YETI revealed the products to a select group of media members at their Innovation Center, then brought them to the public with a live Facebook video in conjunction with an invite-only event at their Flagship Store in Austin, Texas.

Several of YETI's brand ambassadors were on hand to share the type of insight that only a Montana whitewater and fly fishing guide, or Hawaii spearfisherwoman, can tell. You know, the sort of stories YETI has built a brand on.

The verification shared by these folks, including an Alaskan hunting guide who routinely dropped gear-loaded Pangas 250 feet from a low-flying plane, spoke for itself. You can see the live video and get more details here.

The Panga will be available in three sizes, but the Loadout is a one-size-fits-all bucket ready to take the abuse just about anyone can give it.

The reinforced bucket comes with a heavy duty handle and can withstand more weight than ever imaginable. The same Bearfoot non-slip material that is on the bottom of their infamous Tundra cooler line is on the Loadout as well. Oh, and it's food safe, to boot.

YETI stressed the idea that these buckets are virtually indestructible, and are meant for any and every task you'd ever ask of a bucket. It will run you $39.99.

Speaking of indestructible, the Panga boasts the Hydrolock zipper, which creates an air- and water-tight seal, plus a Thickskin shell, which promises a puncture and abrasion resistant surface that's unbeatable on the market.

The bag can be carried by hand, over the shoulder, or as a backpack, as demonstrated by Alex Baires in the photo below. Alex is YETI's Product Category Manager, and after just a brief conversation, you can tell he's the type of guy who's passionate about his job, and really cares about YETI's initiative of reinventing things, not just creating new ones.

Alex spoke about the Metallock hardware, which was custom designed by YETI and built to withstand the knocks and bumps that the most rugged outdoorsmen and women can appreciate.

The smallest size Panga holds about 50 liters and is $299.99. The next largest holds 75 liters and is $349.99, and the largest holds 100 liters and is marked at $399.99. As of now, the Storm Gray color is the only option available.

The Loadout is available in Tan, White, Seafoam, and Charcoal (a new YETI color). More colors are likely to come.

Accessories should be available for the Loadout a month after it's purchasable, including a storage caddy, utility gear belt, and there was even a hint at fishing rod holders mentioned at the live event.

It's clear that these products were created with a lot of detail-oriented, feedback-based ideas. In fact, Alex made the point that folks were telling YETI that the Hopper is great, so great that they're carrying camera equipment, expensive electronics, and other valuables that they couldn't let be exposed to the elements. So what do they do?

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