Yes, Your Pet Sploots! Here's What That Actually Means

Why do dogs sploot? The cold floor probably feels nice! All Corgi owners know about the sploot but it's not only the Corgi that will relax belly down on the floor. French Bulldogs are also known to do this as does our staff's Beagle cross.

The Urban Dictionary tells us,

"When a corgi lays flat on its belly with his/her legs spread out. That corgi is sleeping in sploot mode."
Take pics and post them! This is possibly one of the cutest poses and it's absolutely Instagram-worthy, just search the hashtag #splooting!

Why do dogs sploot?

Perhaps it's so hot out that the cold grass feels great under their tummies! After checking around with our staff, it appears a lot of our dogs sploot! Even one of the editor's doxies.

Corgi's seem to sploot more than most breeds. They frog-leg the most on Instagram! And younger dogs with flexible joints certainly win this debate.

Is this a sign of a health issue?

Splooting is not necessarily a sign or symptom of hip dysplasia according to experts. Signs of hip dysplasia will seem similar to the signs of arthritis - painful joints, difficulty moving, and general stiffness. Experts say his hind-end will be lame and weak.

Pet Health Network tells us, there are very clear symptoms to look for: 

  • "Bunny-hopping" or swaying gait
  • Weakness in one or both hind legs
  • Pain when touched in hip or pelvis area
  • A change in behavior: reluctance to rise/difficulty rising, unwillingness to play or climb stairs, exercise intolerance, reduced activity levels
  • Audible clicking sound coming from hips while walking
  • Shrinking of hind leg muscles (atrophy)

It's very simple to diagnose and your vet can tell you if you're worried!

Don't worry, frog-legging is normal.

Cats also sploot! This isn't as common but cat parents will tell you that splooting happens in their home too so this term isn't specific to dogs only. A cat sploot is a thing!

So splooting goes beyond just the "corgi sploot" we're all used to hearing about. A variety of dog breeds show us this type of stretch (frequently in the summer) and those back legs in this position are adorable. Whether you live with a German Shepherd, Boston, or Golden Retriever, you will likely see your dog sploot!

Please leave a comment below if your dog does the sploot!

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