1,702 Yard Bear Kill
Long Range Only

Video: Hunter Makes Incredible 1,702-Yard Shot on Bear in Idaho

After spotting a bear across a canyon, this guy connected on his shot, resulting in an incredible 1,702-yard kill. 

You read that right. This guy somehow managed to kill a bear just 58 yards short of a mile.

Watch the video below if you need proof:


Congratulations to the hunter for making such difficult shot. There's absolutely no way I could make a shot at even half of that distance, so I have the utmost respect for his shooting abilities.

According to his blog post, this guy was using a custom rifle chambered in .338 Terminator using 300-grain Berger bullets, which is a combination specifically designed for extreme long -range shooting. From the blog post and his video, it was clear that he knew what he was doing with this top-notch equipment.

On the other hand, this video also shows one of the other big problems (aside from actually making the shot) with extreme long-range hunting: the difficulty in determining a hit. As you can tell from their reactions in the video, they initially thought his shot missed. That turned out to not be the case and they found the bear dead just a short distance from where he shot it.

You have to wonder how many people take shots from insane distances like this and think they miss. Or, what about shots that clearly wound the animal, but the hunter can't recover it?

Those incidents don't make it on TV or on the internet, so we're just left guessing how often they happen. I'd wager they're more common than perfect shots like this.

To me, these are mostly avoidable incidents that do a general disservice to the hunting community, as well as the animal on the receiving end of that bullet.

What do you think?

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