white bison
The photographer said the rare white bison was born on June 4, 2024, in Yellowstone National Park. Credit: Erin Braaten/Facebook

Yellowstone's Rare White Bison Calf Is Now Missing

We have a mystery on our hands. Yellowstone's rare white bison calf is now missing just weeks after it was born, and no one knows what happened to it. Beyond just the rarity of its color, the Yellowstone National Park white bison calf is a pretty big deal because it supposedly fulfills an ancient Native American prophecy.

According to the legend, the white bison calf is a sign of future prosperity for the Native American people. However, according to park officials, no one has seen the calf since it was born on June 4. Though park officials have tried, they haven't been able to find the animal.

"To date, park staff have been unable to locate the calf," the agency said in a statement. The last time anyone saw the calf was when it was first spotted. It was with its mother in Lamar Valley. Currently, officials have refused to speculate on what may have happened to calf in the days since. However, it did raise the possibility that the animal might have died. The park pointed out that one in five calves die after birth.

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White Bison Calf Is Missing

However, if there's no body, then there's hope. Sadly, the news comes after the Lakota tribe gathered to name the bison calf Wakan Gli. The tribe was overjoyed by the fulfillment of the ancient prophecy. "It's up to each and every one of you to make it happen for the future of our children. We must come together and bring that good energy back," Chief Arvol Looking Horse told the crowds.

What makes this calf special compared to others is the color of its fur. According to researchers, a white calf is born only one in every 1 million births. It's the first time that this has ever happened at Yellowstone as well. So if the bison isn't dead then where is it? Well, it could be hiding for one. Mike Mease, a co-founder of the Buffalo Field Campaign, predicts that the calf is just staying away from busy areas.

However, whether the calf is alive or dead, the prophecy has been fulfilled for the tribe. Mease told the Associated Press."Whether it's dead or alive, the message has been relayed from the heavens and times are different now. We have to make changes for the future." However for the sake of the animal I hope it's alive. I'm going up to Yellowstone in a couple of weeks. I'll let you know if I find it.