Yellowstone Bison Harasser Sentenced to 130 Days in Jail

Booze-fueled behavior comes with a steep price for this Oregon man.

The Oregon man who made international headlines for taunting a bison in Yellowstone National Park learned his fate during sentencing in a Wyoming court Aug. 23.

Raymond Reinke, 55, was sentenced to 60 days in jail for harassing wildlife, 60 days for interfering with law enforcement and 10 days for disorderly conduct after pleading guilty to all charges.

Reinke and a friend were touring through various national parks on a "last hurrah" before Reinke was to enter an alcohol treatment center.

Authorities originally cited Reinke for public intoxication and interfering with law enforcement July 28 in Grand Teton National Park. He posted a $500 bond after spending a night in jail.

Several days later, the now-infamous scenes of him attempting to herd a bison from the road in Yellowstone National Park surfaced. During this now-viral video, you can see Reinke waving his arms at a bison, who charges in retaliation. Yellowstone rules require visitors to keep a distance of at least 25 yards from bison.

He received citations for intentionally disturbing wildlife, as well as having an open container of alcohol. Park Rangers were unaware of his previous bond conditions, which required him to remain law-abiding and refrain from alcohol consumption.

Reinke told rangers his next stop would be Glacier National Park, at which point officials pieced his previous activities together. A judge revoked his bond from the Grand Teton incident, and he was arrested in Glacier park Aug. 3. At the time of his arrest, Reinke was creating a disturbance, but authorities didn't cite him.

In addition to the jail time, Reinke is now banned from all three national parks for a five-year probationary period. During that time, he didn't consume alcohol. He now has to seek court-ordered alcohol treatment.

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