Yellow Mongoose vs Cobra
YouTube: Deborah du Plessis

Yellow Mongoose Bravely Battles a Deadly Cape Cobra

The venomous Cape Cobra is one of the most dangerous snakes in Africa. They produce a highly potent venom that attacks the heart, lungs, and nervous system. Most humans who come across this reptile like to give it a wide berth because of these dangers. In nature though, almost no animal is safe from ending up as just another link in the food chain, and that includes the cobra. While there are several species of animal that prey upon these snakes, their biggest threat comes from critters like the yellow mongoose. These critters may be small and vulnerable looking, but they possess great speed and agility. They are also predators. They usually eat small insects and rodents, but if they happen to come across a cobra, they are more than willing to make a meal out of one.

That's just what the mongoose in this video is trying to do. This footage was shot at the Tswalu Kalahari private game reserve in South Africa. The mongoose has clearly cornered the deadly snake near some patio furniture. The big snake just wants to escape this situation but finds itself trapped. The little mongoose simply isn't intimidated by the snake's threatening posture or venom. For the next several minutes, the mongoose tries its hardest to get an angle on the snake.

The video cuts off with the snake disappearing down a hole and the mongoose appearing to follow it. No one can say the mongoose is not a brave little critter! The snake was fortunate the mongoose couldn't get a proper angle on it to get a killing bite in. Even as the snake retreated, the mongoose was simply relentless in its pursuit of the venomous reptile. You've got to love the determination of this small mammal.

Far often than not, the mongoose wins these battles and the snake ends up as a meal. Those were some seriously impressive dodges of the snake's strikes on the part of the mongoose. These little guys are built perfectly to be expert snake hunters. We've got a newfound respect for mongooses after watching this fight go down, that's for sure.

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