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Yakima Inspires Father and Sons' Colorado Antelope Trip


A family hunting trip earns high marks with help from Yakima.

We're all about spreading the love and appreciation for the outdoors to the next generation. Joe Sir knows what that means, and is embodying the spirit with his own family, especially his two oldest sons.

That's why we knew Joe and his crew were perfect for the tricked out Ford Ranger that Yakima customized to meet the needs of an off-road adventure team headed to the Rockies for some serious antelope hunting.

What resulted was one of the best experiences Joe and his kids have been a part of, an all-encompassing road trip mixing wilderness camping, a nomadic lifestyle, and a zest for hunting America's exceptional game animals.

What they needed most was a safe, secure way to get themselves and all their gear to the parts they wanted to reach, many of which were completely unknown and an inherent risk in and of themselves.

The pickup truck and Yakima gear was able to do that for them, and help accomplish the goals they set and get them safely home when they were through.

If there's anything to take away from Joe and his family's trip, it's that passing these traditions and customs on isn't exactly easy, but when it comes together, it's a beautiful thing.


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Yakima Inspires Father and Sons' Colorado Antelope Trip