Instagram, Michelle McCool
Instagram, Michelle McCool

Video: WWE's The Undertaker Stares Down Shark Till It Leaves

WWE's The Undertaker says to shark: “You’re next.”

POV: You're a nurse shark, just enjoying a gentle Sunday swim, and you happen upon two WWE Superstars, including one, The Undertaker, staring you down. Are you starstruck or scared? (Or maybe both?)

As shown in the video WWE Superstar Michelle McCool posted to Instagram and Twitter, the former Divas Champion and Women's Champion was in knee-deep water of a gorgeous beach in the Maldives when she noticed the shark-like "vegetation" come alive and swim around in the shallows about 10-15 feet from shore. McCool texted her husband, Mark Calaway—better known as The Undertaker—to come check out what she rightfully thought was a shark hanging out by shore.

We see the shark swimming not far from the couple... and The Undertaker just staring it down, cool, calm, and quiet.

The shark appears to pause briefly, before moving on.

In one of her videos, McCool says: "Guess I wasn't big enough to scare him away but you are?"

Though it's been a few years since his last WWE match in 2020, the former World Heavyweight Champion does not break character (or eye contact), and he definitely won the staring match.

McCool, a title-winning Superstar and serious threat in her own right, certainly didn't need rescuing by The Undertaker for a multitude of reasons—one of which is that the couple's curious neighbor was a nurse shark.

Nurse Sharks

Nurse sharks are known for being docile in nature, and often very curious of swimmers and divers. There are reports of nurse sharks growing up to 14 feet in length, though on average they are often measured at 7.5 to 9 feet.

These sharks are often regarded as being harmless to humans, and it is true that they very rarely attack humans. However, there have been reported instances of nurse shark attacks on humans, and with a bite that can easily crush shellfish and coral, you wouldn't want your arm anywhere near a nurse shark's mouth.

While these inquisitive creatures are generally not aggressive towards humans, they are still wild animals. Nurse sharks should be approached only up to a safe distance away from the animal and with caution.

Though McCool and Calaway didn't know what kind of shark was lurking about at first, McCool appreciated her protector showing up. His hands-on-hips intimidating stance and silent staring sure gives off "not today" vibes, and that nurse shark seemed to understand. The Undertaker wasn't taking any chances, and neither was our fishy friend. Some messages don't need language to be conveyed.