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Worst Day Ever: Yosemite Bear Gets Sucked Down Waterfall


 A hiker in Yosemite National Park videotaped a bear going down a waterfall under the bridge he was standing near.

Ever have one of those days? Here's a brown or blond faze bear in Yosemite National Park that wishes the day had never begun.

When the video starts, it looks like the bruin is just trying to get to the other side of a creek, but as you watch you'll notice that the creek is more like a river... with a heavy current.

Suddenly, you realize that the bear is not just comically caught in the river's flow: he's about to go down a waterfall!

Watch and see if he makes it out:

While you can get a glimpse of the bear in the whitewater, it looks like he's done for, but hold on. The original poster of the video said that the bear climbed out of the water on the opposite side after he stopped recording.

What do you think, did that big bruin make it out of there, or was he a goner?


Worst Day Ever: Yosemite Bear Gets Sucked Down Waterfall