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Could This Day at the Boat Launch Get Any Worse?

jet ski

If your truck somehow ends up in the water at the boat launch, don't do this.

If it wasn't bad enough that a beautiful SUV ended up in the water, it seems the only recourse they had was to pull it out (mostly full of water) with another truck that already had a trailer with jet ski attached to it.

And, it looks like they used a rope.

We don't have to tell you what happens, but you're going to want to see this:

The guy standing next to it was lucky he didn't get his foot run over or worse!

As soon as it got deep enough in the front end, the engine block made it do a nosedive and then it was time to call the tow truck and a diver.

It's a shame they didn't wait for a truck to show up with a cable. It's not like that SUV was going to get any wetter than it already was!


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Could This Day at the Boat Launch Get Any Worse?