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World Famous Hadley Creek Outfitters of Pike County, Illinois Gets Hit with 43 Illegal Citations by IDNR

Well known outfitting business Hadley Creek finds itself in some trouble after Illinois Department of Natural Resources enforcement detail.

When you think of big deer, Pike County, Illinois has always been a place that comes to mind. Perhaps not as much as it used to, because of the EHD outbreak of 2012 and heavy hunting pressure from the last few years, but it is still a juggernaut for whitetail.

That notoriety is largely acquainted with Hadley Creek Outfitters in Barry, Illinois. Hadley Creek has been on the map for some time and often featured in many well-known hunting shows. They produce some really big deer.

On November 15, 2017, they made the news, but not for what they are accustomed to. In the press release that the Illinois Department of Natural Resources Conservation Police published, the claimed to have issued "more than 50 citations and warnings for illegal deer hunting and related offenses." The illegal activity was discovered on Nov. 8-9 in Pike and Adams counties.

The issues included the unlawful feeding of white-tailed deer, and allowing clients to hunt deer over a baited area.

"During the enforcement detail, Conservation Police officers confirmed approximately 6,400 acres were baited and unlawful to hunt in Pike and Adams counties. The illegal areas were baited with trophy rocks, mineral licks, piled corn, and corn scattered among food plots," the release said.

Hadley Creek managers, guides, and clients were cited for multiple violations of feeding deer and hunting over baited areas, and there were also additional violations committed by hunters not involved with Hadley Creek properties.

In total, the violations discovered during the detail included 46 citations and seven written warnings during the detail.

There are some substantial wrongdoings after the enforcement detail was done with the investigation. Time will tell how it all shakes out and how it effects them as a reputable outfitter.

We will keep you updated as more information comes out.