Work Sharp Knife of the Month: The Spyderco Military Titanium Fluted


Prepare yourself for the Knife of the Month: The Spyderco Military Titanium Fluted folder.

We'd like to kick off our first Work Sharp Knife of the Month with a heck of a blade. We'll be showcasing one knife each month going forward, and have combined forces with Work Sharp to highlight what's great about knives, as long as they're sharp and taken care of.

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This is the Spyderco Military Titanium Fluted folding knife. Its CPM S30V PlainEdge flat-ground blade has the familiar Spyderco Round Hole, which makes one-hand operation a cinch.

What's really cool about this knife is the fact that the titanium back scale doubles as a R.I.L. (Reeve Integral Lock®) with the scale functioning as a spring and locking the blade open. 

That eliminates the need for internal handle liners; the folder can be manufactured slimmer and lighter in profile while still holding its core strength.

Thanks to Work Sharp, we'll be bringing you a new Knife of the Month with each calendar flip, and would love to know what you think. Are there other details you want to learn? Have a suggestion for a knife to check out? Want to win the knives we feature in a contest?!

Let us know on our Facebook page, go over and Like Work Sharp's page, and keep an eye out for next month's Work Sharp Knife of the Month.