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Stainless Steel Soap Removes All The Fishy Smell From Your Hands

No scrunched-up nose from the wife when you get home, thanks to Wonder Bar Stainless Steel Soap.

The unwarranted odors that come from our beloved hobby aren't as enjoyable as the feeling you get when the hook sinks in. That's why we are raving over Wonder Bar Stainless Steel Soap. It cleans off that fish smell as well as any horrendously strong odors, and it's only $5.22 on Amazon.

If you're wondering why a stainless steel soap bar is the answer to odor removers or curious as to how it works, here's a quick science lesson on sulfur molecules. Stainless steel bonds to sulfuric acid, which gets that funky odor out of your hands. Want to do a trial run? Next time you go fishing, wash your hands with cold water, then wipe them around your stainless steel kitchen sink or faucet. The running water and the stainless steel soap are all you need for clean, odor-free hands.

Wonder Bar Stainless Steel Soap

Trust me, this is going to help so much more than your typical bar of soap. Hot water and bacterial soap can't get rid of the smell as quickly. This bar of stainless steel is great to keep in your tackle box as well as store in the kitchen for when you're cooking with ingredients that might have a stronger smell than most. Think of the onion odors and garlic smell here. You can keep it in a soap dish by your sink and use it as a hand soap replacement when you're dealing with smelly hands.

Amazon's customer reviews are great. A customer left a 5-star review and said, "This Bar is out of this world!!!! She hates that my hands would always smell fishy after I came back from the lake. NOW I wash them and then run this bar over my hands and fingers and the fish smell is gone. It also works great with kitchen smells as well."

Some reviews even say that it gets rid of the bleach smell! Not only is this kitchen gadget useful, but it also floats. That's right. If you accidentally drop it in the lake, there's no need to worry because it won't sink to the bottom. This is a great gift idea for Father's Day or as a housewarming gift for any fishermen who have fishing gear on their wishlist!

You won't leave for your next fishing trip without your stainless steel soap!

This post was originally published on July 8, 2017.