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Women's Involvement in Shooting Sports Has Increased by 200 Percent

The number of women getting involved in shooting sports is increasing every year. This continues to be a very positive development for shooting in America.

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few years, you've likely heard women are responsible for a lot of growth in the shooting sports. A recent study found that the growth in some shooting disciplines is nearly 200 percent.

Thank you, ladies!

One organization, Shoot Like a Girl, heralds the study as an indicator that women and guns go together pretty fabulously. Shoot Like a Girl focuses on training women across the country, by giving them the opportunity to shoot a pistol, rifle or bow in a fun environment.

"It is a known fact that women have been the fastest-growing demographic for several years now, and we continue to grow," said president and founder Karen Butler. "There is a chance that our data is a course correction for the industry, too, based on the responses received after our query of a sizable number of women. We have the unique opportunity with our social media and email lists to reach over 146,000 women who participate and/or are interested in shooting sports, and they were enthusiastic to provide their input."

Youth involvement is growing as well

There also seems to be a resurgence in young people participating in the shooting sports. Every year, more high schools add trap shooting and other competitive shooting sports to their extracurricular calendars.

We hear a lot in the mainstream media about how Americans are supposedly rejecting firearms and desire more gun control. But, that doesn't appear to be the truth everywhere. Polls indicate a majority of Americans continue to support the Second Amendment and citizen gun ownership.

Also, the yearly number of firearms sold in America seems to keep growing.

Most women are becoming interested in firearms and shooting for both self-protection and recreation.

"People are looking for activities that they can have quality time with their families," Jeanine Sayre, a Shoot Like a Girl spokesperson said. "While personal protection might be the driver for women to purchase a gun, when they go to the range and feel the confidence felt when hitting the target and realize that guns are safe when you practice the tenants of the NRA firearm safety rules—shooting becomes a fun activity."

The NRA, GOA and other pro-liberty groups have also seen an uptick in membership interest. Taking advantage of the surge, the NRA is currently on a drive to add 100,000 new members in 100 days.

This isn't to say that the Second Amendment or our right to self-defense isn't under constant attack. It is, and we need to remain constantly vigilant and active in fighting anti-gun forces. But, the growing participation of women and kids in the shooting sports is certainly a sign of good things to come.

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