Woman Falls In Love With Real Life Tarzan From The Amazon Jungle
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Woman Falls In Love With Real Life Tarzan From The Amazon Jungle In Inspiring Love Story

Did you know that Tarzan was actually bibliographical? Well one Australian journeyed to the Amazon where she ended up meeting her real-life Tarzan in an inspiring love story.

Jordan Hauenschild ended up falling head over heels for Indigenous Ecuadorean man Pitiuruk. While their relationship may conjure images of Tarzan, they ended up meeting in a much more modern way. Hauenschild said that she randomly messaged Pitiuruk after discovering his profile on Facebook.

"I was just doing the late night doom scroll before bed and I came across this gorgeous man who was posting incredible content over in a country I knew nothing about," Jordan told news.com.au. She wanted to lear his way of life. "I was so intrigued about how people still live this way of life and to some degree I knew there were tribes in the Amazon, but I had never taken the time to learn about it. I clicked on his page and I just messaged him."

Hauenschild and Pitiuruk ended up connecting. The two got to chatting and even started video calling one another. She said, "I couldn't believe someone form the Amazon jungle, on this exotic piece of land, just responded to me. For a girl that lives a Western life on the coast in Queensland, who is always going to the beach, who lives in a house, to be talking to someone from the Amazon who lives in a hut, was just so surreal."

"Our conversations were mainly about our way of life, what we do during the day, what we eat, where we sleep and simply, how we live," Jordan continued. "I would show him my bedroom, the fact we have a bathroom and my front and backyard - just the little things. And he would walk me through a day in his life living in the Amazon, which is pretty unique."


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Real Life Tarzan Finds His Jane

Pitiuruk lived in Pastaza, Puyo canton Amazonia Ecuador. He works as a tour guide, offering insight into their ancient ways. Hauenschild ended up leaving her job and headed to Ecuador to meet the man of her dreams.

"I just said to him, 'I can actually come and meet you. Call me crazy, but we can do this'," Jordan told news.com.au. "As the plane was landing in Quito, I realised the magnitude of the situation - I had gone on a whim with a 'why not' attitude and I was about to meet someone I had never seen in real life."

However, it ended up being worth it in the end.

"I just couldn't believe he was real," she said. "It was my first time in Ecuador and I just wanted to ensure I was really respectful, but I just couldn't wipe the smile off my face."

The two aren't fluent in one another's language. However, Hauenschild said that they depend a lot on their body language to communicate with each other. "If the spark is there, it doesn't matter if you can't speak each other's language. I've never had such a connection with somebody where I know exactly where I stand," she said. "When I arrived, Pitiuruk had worked with his family to plan a two-week itinerary for me around the capital city and then in and around the region of their home (Pastaza)."

While she ultimately had to return home, Flight Centre offered to fund her next visit to him after seeing their story online. "It started getting likes and likes and likes and I just could not believe the pace it was going at - and still is," Jordan said. "It has been wonderful to see the support from people all over the world."