Wolves play on the boardwalk in Yellowstone
National Park Service

Watch: Yellowstone's Wapiti Wolf Pack Visits Old Faithful

The Old Faithful streaming service captured the rare sight.

It's nice to see Yellowstone National Park's animals out enjoying themselves without human interference this winter. Thanks to volunteer-operated webcams, wolf enthusiasts are in for a special treat. The footage captured by cam operator Kathy Schmidt was shared on social media platforms like Facebook and X.

Wolves aren't often seen roaming around the park's boardwalk, so to see a whole Wapiti pack wandering through the Upper Geyser Basin was a treat for webcam enthusiasts.

Along with sharing the footage, Yellowstone Forever wrote on X, "What a view this morning! The webcam captured some incredible footage of the park's Wapiti wolf pack making its way through the Upper Geyser Basin." In the Yellowstone Insiders Hub Facebook group, they promised to add additional footage of the wolves so all national park fans could enjoy the sight.

The shortened version gives wildlife enthusiasts a glimpse of the wolves exploring the area near Old Faithful and crossing over the snow-covered landscape as they explore their park while it is human-free. The park's extended versions show them having a grand old time for ten minutes, flitting around the steam vents. In the most relatable moment, one of the wolves positions itself near the vent as if it's enjoying the warmth from the steam.

Commenters on the Facebook group were amazed by the footage, though some took the opportunity to poke fun at some of the tourons that visit the park. One wrote, "Get. On. The. Boardwalk," a phrase all too commonly heard by park officials when visitors stray onto the landscape. Another wrote, "Great footage! I love how they stayed on the boardwalk... most of the time." While yet another commented, "Of course, they checked out Grand; it's one of the best ones to see."

While there are often visitors in the winter along with park staff, there wasn't a soul to be seen while the wolves roamed. However, they have been seen when visitors are around coming within range during the spring and summer months.

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