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Witness the Most Epic .22 Machine Gun Meltdown Ever

.22 machine gun meltdown

How long will a .22 machine gun shoot before it melts?

Well, IV8888 decided to load up mags and try it out.

Check out the most epic .22 machine gun meltdown you have ever witnessed.

Youtube shooting sensation IV8888 has a strange little CMMG .22 caliber machine gun. Clad in safety gear he and his team are ready to see how long and how hot this .22 machine gun can run.

Firing from stick magazines and drum magazines also this little .22 caliber machine gun shreds a 55 gallon metal drum. Check out the heat signature off this weapon and suppressor during the test. Shot after shot tear into the target with malfunctions starting to mound up as the gritty .22 ammunition leaves more and more fouling.

After almost 2,200 rounds this little CMMG .22 machine gun is really dirty but survived without damages. Special thanks to IV8888 for this epic .22 machine gun meltdown.


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Witness the Most Epic .22 Machine Gun Meltdown Ever