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7 Most Comfy Men's Winter Hats of 2021 for Hunting, Work, & More

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Your sun hat won't cut it for the next few months, so be sure to get a cozy winter hat to keep you warm.

It'll be freezing before we know it, which means our favorite sun hats and baseball caps won't be of much use. They don't keep our heads warm, and let's face it, it'll be dark by the time we get off work!

Instead, consider a warm hat that will keep heat from escaping your body. Staying warm is all about keeping your head, chest, feet, and hands warm. Here are seven of the best winter hats for men that will keep you cozy all winter long.

Best Men's Winter Hats

Best for Leisurewear

Ditch the ball cap for this watch hat from Timberland. The 100% acrylic hat is perfect for all low-maintenance cold-weather fun. So whether you're sitting on the porch, cleaning the garage, or out picking up groceries, this men's beanie will keep you toasty while staying breathable.

Best for Working Outdoors

2. Carhartt mens Fleece 2 in 1 Hat

We all know Carhartt is a top-rated brand for workwear. Their 2-in-1 hat is ideal headwear for those who need to stay warm and wear a mask. Not only is it equipped with a moisture-wicking face mask, but it also has ear flaps for ultra warmth.

One size fits all! Be sure to machine wash cold and tumble dry on low.

Best for Hunting

3. Fleece Camo Balaclava with Pulldown Face Mask

If you're a hunter, then your winter wardrobe isn't complete without a camo balaclava. This mask is scent control-treated and is made of anti-piling fleece. This means you won't have extra material clinging to it when you wash it with other clothing!

It's warm, soft, and quiet. Check out these reviews.

Best for Style

4. Citgeett Winter Beanie Hat Scarf Set

If you love visors or ball caps, then you'll love this hat style. This isn't your typical rib knit beanie! The cap is a plus for keeping the elements out of your face. The wool beanie even comes with a scarf. Not bad for under $16.

Best Under $20

5. Oakley Men's Fine Knit Hat

This knit hat is stylish and warm. If you want a beanie under $20 from a top-rated brand, you can't go wrong with this Oakley beanie.

There are various colors to choose from, so find your favorite and make it your go-to winter beanie. Don't want it for yourself? Make it a budget-friendly holiday gift or stocking stuffer for a friend.

Best for the Northeast Region

6. mysuntown Trapper Hat Winter Hat

Here's our pick for the best men's hat for full coverage that's stylish enough for everyday wear. The $23 hat is Amazon's Choice for trapper hats, making it a popular pick for customers. Thousands of customers are giving it four and five-star reviews, stating that it's a great hat for living in areas like Pennsylvania and places where it's below freezing and windy.

Men and women are praising the hat too! A few perks are that it's washable, waterproof, and unisex.

Best for "Cold, Yet Sunny Days"

This 100% acrylic hat is a popular beanie amongst outdoor lovers. I mean, what can you expect from one of the most popular outdoor brands? If you love to camp, then you probably already have this beanie in your wardrobe.

The classic beanie is a winter staple. Get it today for those "in-between" weather days. Oh, you know. When it's not too cold, but it's not warm enough for a moisture-wicking bucket hat.

For unisex hats and other wintertime best sellers, visit Amazon.

This post was originally published on September 3, 2021.