Winga Dog Toy: Step up Your Frisbee Skills With This Gadget, Your Dog Will Thank You

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As much fun as flying a frisbee can be, it requires some skill to throw one successfully.

Enter the Winga dog toy. If your pooch likes to play catch, why not invest in a tool that will make the game even more fun?

What is a Winga dog toy?

The Kurgo Winga disc dog toy is an exciting new way to play catch with your dog. This interactive dog toy includes a launcher and Kurgo Winga discs that can be flown up to 200 feet in distance. Playtime has never been so much fun for large dogs and small dogs.

The Kurgo Winga thrower makes it easy to play fetch with your pup. If you and your pooch are bored with rope toys and traditional dog chew toys, the Kurgo thrower dog toy makes an excellent alternative. You can also use the launcher and dog frisbee as a water toy and encourage your dog to make a splash.

Amazon has an excellent selection of all types of pet supplies you can add to your wish list or purchase today with a credit card.

If you already own plenty of other dog supplies and want to scout a new option, the Kurgo flying disc dog toy is worth seeking out.

If you're an Amazon Prime member, you'll receive free delivery of these replacement non-toxic synthetic rubber discs.

Kurgo Disc Features and Benefits

  • Product dimensions: 4" x1"
  • The perfect toy to liven up the classic game of toss and fetch
  • Strain-free launching up to 200 ft.
  • Non-toxic synthetic rubber discs (ideal for all those chewers)
  • Discs float in water making them an excellent pool, beach, or lake toy
  • Encourages exercise

Winga dog toy replacement discs are available on Amazon for $12.99.

Kurgo Extra Disks for Winga Thrower Dog Toy | Flying Disc Thrower Toys for Dogs | Frisbee Fetching Games for Pets | Throwup to 200' | Non-Toxic | Floats | Durable | Includes 2 Discs

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