Winchester Hunting Ammo

Winchester Unveils Brand-New Hunting Ammo Options for 2021

Winchester has unveiled some sweet new hunting ammo options for 2021.

It's safe to say we are all glad 2020 is behind us and we can forge ahead into 2021 with some renewed hope. One company that isn't looking back is Winchester ammunition. After all, it's new gun and ammo season, and they've been busy announcing all their new offerings for the new year.

These announcements are being held virtually this year due to Covid-19 cancelling most major trade shows like SHOT. While we're missing out on one of our favorite shows, we can't complain too much with Winchester unloading an avalanche of ammo options we can't wait to try out.

Included in this mix are several new variants of hunting ammo. From a new .410 turkey load to some new Deer Season XP offerings, we've got the lowdown on the latest new additions to the already extensive Winchester line.

.410 Double X Diamond Grade

There has really been a surge in use of .410 bore shotshells for turkey hunting in recent years. And why not? It delivers a nice, tight pattern and has a low recoil that makes it perfect for youth hunters Winchester's new Double Diamond Grade turkey is a ¾ ounce load comprised of 7 ½ shot. The shot is eight percent antimony and copper-plated, which Winchester says helps deliver more shot to the target inside of a 20-inch circle at 30 yards. You're looking at 1,100 fps muzzle velocities out of these three-inch shells. Get ready to put that big gobbler on the dinner table once spring finally arrives.

20 Gauge Drylok Super Steel

Many waterfowlers are already familiar with Drylok Super Steel. These are popular waterfowl loads made to keep the shells dry in the wet and nasty conditions often present afield while trying to get your limit of ducks. Winchester has one new offering for this line this year, and it's a ¾ ounce load of No. 2 shot in a 2 ¾-inch 20-gauge shell travelling up to 1,425 feet per second. Just like the other offerings in the Drylok line, these shells have a lacquered primer, plated steel shot and a double seal wad system to keep any water out.

16 Gauge Super X Steel

The 16-Gauge was nearly dead in the water a few years ago before it inexplicably started to make a major comeback and we're glad to see it. In a move that will no doubt help some more with that, Winchester's newest addition to the Super X steel line is a 2 ¾-inch, 15/16 ounce load of No. 6 shot. They're saying to expect around 1,350 fps muzzle velocities out of these loads. Because this is steel shot, it means you can use it in areas with environmental restrictions on traditional lead loads.

6.5 SPC Deer Season XP

Winchester's polymer tipped ammo continues to be popular with deer hunters across the country for the way it flies and expands upon striking a big game animal. Winchester hasn't given ballistics data on this one just yet. However, we do know this is a 115-grain bullet with an alloyed lead core and a tapered jacket. It should be a great round for both whitetails and mule deer.

New Deer Season Copper Extreme Point

Winchester is introducing four new additions to their popular Copper Impact XP line of polymer tipped hunting ammo. As you may have guessed from the name, these bullets feature a copper construction. They also have a hollow nose cavity and polymer tip to promote expansion and create deeper wound channels to bring down deer quickly. The four new offerings are for .270 WSM, .300 WSM, .350 Legend and 6.5 Creedmoor. Ballistic data on the .350 Legend and 6.5 Creedmoor wasn't available, but the .350 Legend is a 150-grain bullet that should prove popular to Midwestern hunters in states with straight-wall cartridge regulations. The 6.5 Creedmoor is a 125-grain bullet.

The .270 Winchester Short Magnum is a 130-grain bullet offering a 3,215-fps muzzle velocity delivering about 2,559-foot pounds of energy at 100 yards. Sounds like a dandy hunting round to us. The .300 WSM is a heavier, 150-grain bullet offering a 3,200-fps muzzle velocity delivering 2,888 foot pounds of energy at 100 yards.

6.5 Creedmoor Western Ballistic Silvertip

The Ballistic Silvertip line has become quite popular among hunters demanding accuracy and reliability. This is another polymer tip bullet. It has a boattail design which is appropriate for Winchester's latest 6.5 Creedmoor offering. These bullets have an alloyed lead core and are designed to deliver optimal expansion. The new 6.5 Creedmoor is a 140-grain bullet delivering 2,700-fps muzzle velocities. We can see this one being popular in many western states once the 2021 deer seasons roll around.

.308 Winchester and 6.5 PRC Expedition Big Game

There are two major new additions to Winchester's line of premium hunting ammunition. These bonded lead alloy core bullets have polymer tips, engineered boattails, and are built for long-range accuracy on the toughest of big game animals. The first new offering to this line is a 142-grain 6.5 PRC round that Winchester says is travelling 3,020 fps at the muzzle, 2,866 fps at 100 yards, delivering 2,590-foot pounds of energy to the target. The new .308 Expedition Big Game is offering muzzle velocities of 2,511 fps at 100 yards and approximately 2,352 foot pounds of energy at that distance.

For more information on the latest new offerings from Winchester, check out their website. And keep it here at Wide Open Spaces for all the latest updates on new ammo and products in the gun world!

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