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What Will a Laminated Hardwood Carbon Arrow Do Against Concrete? Find Out Now

If you've ever been struggling to pull your arrow out of a target and wondered what it would do against concrete, today you get your answer.

We've all been there at some've shot your arrow into your target and then as you struggle to pull it out, feeling like a 3-year-old pulling on King Arthur's Sword, you wonder... What would this arrow do if I shot it into something really hard?

Maybe a tree, or a brick wall, or even against concrete? But, like most of us, you value your arrows too much and never actually follow through. Well guess what? These guys did follow through...

Pretty interesting to see really. Honestly we still stand by our opinion that we value our arrows a bit too much to ever give this a try but it definitely shows you just how much of a punch your arrow has that it is able to stick into a solid wall of concrete. What else have you tried shooting an arrow into and been surprised by the results?

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