Wildcat™ XX Takes on Toughest Terrain

Textron Off Road is so confident its new Wildcat XX can ride over everything, the company asked off-road enthusiasts to provide some of the best places to put the vehicle through its paces.

This video, part of an eight-part series, has Wildcat XX taking on the world's toughest off-road racing grounds in Johnson Valley, California. Home of King of the Hammers, Johnson Valley offers the most demanding rock-crawling areas coupled with wide open spaces for the ultimate off-road adventure. Wildcat XX's unique suspension shined while the all-new front and rear TEAM transaxle and front gear case worked flawlessly in the technical rock sections. Its 998cc, naturally aspirated engine with 125 horsepower had Wildcat XX screaming through the open areas. Here's a video showing how Wildcat XX can ride over anything.