Wildcat™ XX Best-in-Class Suspension Explained

When you have a racing legend with a myriad of racing championships design the next big thing in side-by-sides (SxS), you know it's going to have suspension and handling like no other. Enter Wildcat XX, a collaborative effort between innovator Textron Off Road and racing legend Robby Gordon.

In designing Wildcat XX, Gordon wanted to improve upon what was already on the market for consumers and offer a vehicle unlike anything else. What he and Textron Off Road developed was a legitimate, high-performance SxS with racing-inspired technology found on more-expensive race trucks, creating the smoothest ride yet on a SxS.

The best-in-class ride and handling found on Wildcat XX is thanks to a unique suspension that utilizes unequal length front A-Arms and a racing-inspired rear trailing arm. This combination reduces track width change by up to 40 percent in the front and 80 percent in the rear for unmatched stability and control.

The rear trailing arm allows for the tires to travel virtually up and down for less side-to-side movement while the unequal length front A-Arms adjust the tire camber to ensure maximum tire contact with the ground throughout the more than 18 inches of suspension travel.

The suspension is complemented with FOX 2.5 PODIUM QS3 Shocks that are angled to provide ideal motion ratio. The front shocks are mounted to the lower A-Arm for a lower center of gravity; and the easily adjustable rear shocks offer greater comfort with Bottom-Out Control. Also unique to Wildcat XX, the steering rack is in front of the front axle for maximum leverage and control.

Gordon's suspension design for Wildcat XX takes SxS ride and handling to the next level. The vehicle stays planted in turns, tackles the toughest of terrains and glides over whoops for a confidence-inspiring ride.