Festive dinner with roast wild turkey and other dishes served on table
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Easy Wild Turkey Recipes For Your Next Feast

Bagged a gobbler (or two)? Try one of these delicious wild turkey recipes tonight.

One of the best parts about a turkey hunt: Feasting on a gobbler for dinner. Enjoying the fruits of your labor more than make up for any hurdles while backcountry hunting.

But cooking wild game meat can be tricky, and wild turkey is no exception. In addition to plucking and butchering, You need to prepare the meat, which usually means brining or marinating to eliminate any gamey taste and texture and to keep the meat juicy. Selecting the right spices and complimentary sides can be nerve-wracking, especially if you have difficulty branching out from barbecue sauce, black pepper, kosher salt, and olive oil. 

You don't need hours and hours of work to achieve a tasty turkey. Much like venison and other big game, there are simple ways to cook up delectable wild turkey legs, breasts, strips, and nuggets, or even turkey jerky. We've picked out our favorite wild turkey recipes that don't need basting or a roasting pan yet create turkey dishes that the whole family will enjoy.

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