Wild Turkey
YouTube: celia heady

Domestic Turkey Faces Unfair Double Team From Two Wild Gobblers

This domesticated bird needed backup from his humans.

For farmers, the one animal they can keep that's closest to creatures living in nature is a turkey. There isn't a whole lot of difference between a domesticated turkey and a wild one other than taste which comes from living in nature vs a controlled setting and appearance. Many domesticated birds often have white feathers as compared to wild ones.

In the minds of a turkey, however, there is probably no difference and this video perfectly encapsulates that fact. This footage was shot on a farm where two wild turkeys have apparently wandered in while looking for hens.

They quickly pick a fight with the resident male turkey, a bird the owners can be heard referring to in the video as "Tom Tom." Over the next few minutes, they are treating to a gobbling and slapping match between the wild and domestic birds. Be sure to watch till the end to see the funny results after a human finally steps in to intervene.

While this never escalated into a full-blown turkey brawl, those two wild birds really slapped poor Tom Tom around prior to his owners stepping in. After that, he seemed to finally get his courage and puffed himself up to chase the wild intruders away from the scene. Turkeys aren't known for being smart animals. Who knows how long this encounter would have continued had they not stepped in to help their bird out?

One other key difference between the domestic and wild birds should be noted here. Because while wild turkeys do occasionally become semi-domesticated by humans, it's very hard for a domesticated animal to survive in the wild. This is mostly because birds like Tom Tom have been bred to have a larger breast than a wild bird.

That extra weight has helped inhibit the flying abilities of most domesticated animals. Which means they're going to have a hard time getting into the trees to roost. Couple that with their light coloration, and a domestic bird in the wild is going to be easy pickings for a coyote or other predator.

Still, we enjoyed seeing this face off between wild and domestic animals. Even though they live in two totally different settings, these birds just see each other as rivals to fight!

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