Wild Footage Captured of Coyotes Taking Down a Mule Deer Buck

Hunter videos a pack of coyotes taking down a mule deer buck.

John Stallone was hunting West River South Dakota when he saw something wild. A mule deer buck had come into view while being attacked by a pack of coyotes.

Rather than grab a rifle and shoot the buck or the coyotes, John grabbed his camera and shot them all.

What he captured was an incredible scene of nature's harsh realities. Life eats life.

The video was originally posted to John's Facebook page. In it you can hear John claim that he wasn't carrying a rifle with him. If he had been, its likely he wouldn't have captured this video. Instead, he'd have three new coyote pelts.

As hunters, we know that we are in fact the greatest supporters of wildlife conservation on the planet. Though it's hard for some to believe or understand, permits, licenses, and equipment purchases all ensure that these types of events don't deplete the population of any one species beyond recovery. This is thanks in large part to the many great conservation agencies, departments of natural resources, and game and fish organizations.

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