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Wide Open Spaces Editors Have Their Say On the Ideal Fishing Kayak

Here's our take on what a fishing kayak should be.

We've fished in our share of kayaks over the years, and are frankly blown away by the advancements made in the recent past towards catering a kayak system specifically for anglers.

It's like the smart companies can read our minds, and come out with things perfect for our needs. It's gone beyond just stability and durability.

Stability while standing is almost a necessity by now, ever since the majority of us realized we're almost always going to be preoccupied with a rod and reel. Worrying about balance shouldn't interfere. A tank well is a nice addition to have, and carry handles (and thus an easy-to-handle kayak) will make things a lot better in the long run.

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One brand that's stuck out is Vibe Kayaks, and they've risen to the top or our favorites list for several good reasons. They know how to make a versatile kayak, they are smart enough to discover fishing features that are second to none, and they're a company of good folks who care about helping people enjoy their time outside.

To elaborate a bit on that, Vibe's Sea Ghost 110 and Sea Ghost 130 both are available in as the ultimate angler's package, and are both less than $900.

One of the biggest things that can make or break a fishing kayak is the seat, and Vibe has that taken care of. The dual position Vibe Hero Seat is exactly what an angler needs: a little mobility, plus the comfort needed for long, stretched out sessions.

Good rod holders are a must, and the overall storage options need to be dynamic and abundant. Anyone who fishes from a kayak knows that gear planning becomes super important. Running out of places to keep things shouldn't be a problem, so it's worth looking for a kayak that satisfies everything you'll need.

A replaceable skid plate, which comes with a Sea Ghost, is a really smart idea, too.

All in all, kayaks used for fishing need to really only satisfy one angler's needs: yours. But since Vibe has done a crack up job focusing on things that almost all of you would want anyway, they've developed one heck of a fishing kayak system.