Why the Tree Stand Buddy is Worth Every Penny

There should be no cost too high for the safety that Tree Stand Buddy provides, but the affordability will still blow you away.

Listen long enough, and you'll eventually hear a story from another hunter about how they fell out of a tree stand.

And it's almost a given that the accident could have been prevented, whether it was due to faulty equipment, improper installation, or a momentary lapse of common sense.

That's why the safety that Tree Stand Buddy provides a hunter is priceless; you can't assign a cost to your life or well-being, or on your ability to return home to your family, right?

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Beyond the obvious safety factors, Tree Stand Buddy will provide additional advantages and benefits, paying for itself several times over.

Here's a great example of its benefit, explained by Tom Nelson of American Archer.

Think about the advantage: You just attach and detach the bracket instead of a full treestand, and for a fraction of the price of multiple stands, you'll be set up to adjust to wind directions and constantly changing wildlife habits.

Also, you aren't giving away your location or jeopardizing your stand investment by leaving the entire setup hung up in a tree on public land. It's unfortunate, but that's asking for theft.

The Tree Stand Buddy is less conspicuous and will keep you and your stand locations as concealed as possible.

If there's anything else you need to know, TreeStandBuddy.com will help answer it. Once you understand the cost-benefit relationship of this easy-to-use installation system, we're pretty sure you will want to include the Tree Stand Buddy as an integral part of your hunting equipment for the foreseeable future.