Wide Racked Bucks

#WhitetailWednesday: 10 of the Widest-Racked Bucks Ever

These are some of the widest whitetails ever.

When it comes to big whitetails, nothing grabs a hunter's attention quite like a wide-racked monster. We already profiled bucks with narrow spreads that still made it into the record books in a previous story.

Most hunters will probably go their whole hunting careers without seeing a buck with an inside spread over 20 inches.

So, for today's #WhitetailWednesday, we're profiling 10 awesome wide-racked whitetail bucks that are among some of the biggest taken in deer hunting history.

The Richard Pauli Buck

A double main beam on the big buck's right side certainly helps the headgear on this Illinois 25-pointer stand out in a crowd! Pauli had seen the record book big buck twice prior to the opening of the 1983 firearms season, but the buck didn't offer a chance until that season's opening day. Pauli's awesome buck scores 267 3/8 Boone and Crockett.

The Shaun Harvey Buck

Featuring mass that looks more moose-like than whitetail, Shaun Harvey's awesome 192-inch whitetail buck from the 2003 Indiana season has some of the most impressive antler mass measurements ever seen in a whitetail. However, it's also eye-catching for its wide rack, which features an amazing 23-inch inside spread.

The David Grundy Buck

This Indiana buck's wide rack is a jaw-dropping head-turner for pretty much any deer hunter. The wall hanger has it all. it has tine length, mass and it sports a 29-inch outside spread and an unbelievable 26-inch inside spread. The Boone and Crockett whitetail grossed 209 inches as a typical, but is in the books as a non-typical at the very respectable score of 225 6/8 inches.

The Helgie Eymundson Buck

Also known as "The Canadian Hole in the Horn," this awesome non-typical has an unbelievable 34-7/8-inch outside spread that few other whitetail deer can match. Taken in Alberta with a rifle in 2007, the big rack sports points and drop tines everywhere. But the real eye-popping stat of this Alberta whitetail buck is a 34-inch outside spread and a score of 274 non-typical inches.

The C.W. Shelton Buck

This buck is nothing short of a legend in Kentucky. Taken all the way back in 1964, this deer is better known by the nickname "Big Red." C.W. Shelton harvested this monster whitetail during Kentucky's first deer hunting season in over 40 years. The big rack scores 185 2/8 inches, but it's the 34-4/8-inch outside spread that leaves many deer hunters gawking in total disbelief. Shelton's feat of taking this buck was made all the more impressive, considering that 1964 season was only one day long!

The Jerry Bryant Buck

The Midwest must be the place for high-quality, wide-racked whitetails. This buck catches most deer hunters' attention because of the picket-fence-looking rows of irregular tines across each of its long main beams. But its 291-1/8-inch Boone and Crockett score that places it among the biggest hunter-killed whitetails ever is also pretty impressive. The buck also sports an extremely impressive 22-inch inside spread that only adds to the unique look of this awesome Illinois whitetail.

The Harold Smith Buck

This Canadian monster is one of the most controversial deer in hunting history. People can't seem to agree whether it was a whitetail deer, a mule deer or a hybrid of both. The brow tines and splits look like a mule deer, while other parts of the massive rack look whitetail in nature. Boone and Crockett ultimately decided to accept this deer as a whitetail, so we'll add it to our list because the 279-3/8-inch British Columbia monster sports an incredible 33-inch spread!

The Jason Erb Buck

Jason Erb's 2013 Ohio whitetail lost a lot in deductions from its 193-inch gross score, but the photos of this buck have still spread far and wide because of the buck's incredibly impressive 25-5/8 inside spread. Erb had sat in the woods for 17 days straight before finally bagging this 175-inch monster. It just goes to show that patience pays off!

The John Filla Buck

This one went wildly viral all over the internet when Filla harvested it in Wisconsin back in 2006. John Filla shot this awesome whitetail on a deer drive during opening day of Wisconsin's firearms season. It isn't hard to see why this deer went viral. The inside spread of this wide buck is a mind-blowing 29 4/8 inches! But that isn't the only unbelievable part of the story. Months later, a shed hunter found a chunk of the buck's broken left main beam and reunited it with the rest of the buck's rack, raising the monster buck's score from 206 4/8 to 214 2/8 inches!

The Jason Zieren Buck

You'll be hard-pressed to find a 10-pointer with a wider set of antlers than Jason Zieren's awesome Illinois whitetail. Taken back in 2009, this buck quickly made the internet rounds thanks to its incredible 28-inch inside spread. This isn't the largest buck in the Boone and Crockett record books at 179 5/8 inches, but few wall hanger whitetail deer grab a deer hunter's attention like Zieren's buck can!