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The 2 Best Whitetail Hunting Trips You Can Take

If you're itching to get out for a unique whitetail hunting trip, these two options should be at the top of your list.

Whitetail deer hunting is a tradition celebrated by a large portion of the country, but each state offers a slightly different experience.

So, if you're one who likes to expand his or her horizons and wants to traverse new deer woods, there are two hunts in particular that come to my mind first.

Appalachia and the Lone Star State undoubtedly take the cake.

Early-Season Archery in Kentucky

Few states offer you the rare opportunity to tag a trophy whitetail while its antlers are still covered in velvet. With an archery hunting season that begins in early September, Kentucky is the perfect spot to notch this one off your bucket list. You'll be hunting pre-rut, so conditions will be balmy, but big bucks may still be predictable in their bachelor groupsand killable.

Kentucky boasts over-the-counter tags for non-resident hunters, with an annual hunting license running $150 and a statewide deer permit at $185 for out-of-staters. The Bluegrass State offers plenty of public land hunting opportunities, but booking with an outfitter who has decades of hunting experience is a great option if you're chasing after the buck of a lifetime.

If a beautiful hunting lodge, 40-percent archery success rates, and zero trophy fees sounds like heaven because it is—Whitetail Heaven, that is. This elite free-range outfitter based in Kentucky intensely manages its property for an average of 150-inch bucks with strategically placed food plots, responsible antler restrictions, and over 1,000 treestands ready to hunt. Hunting packages are reasonable for the opportunity to take a trophy buck in velvet.

Any Season in Texas

I've hunted in Texas a few times, and this Pennsylvania girl has never witnessed so much wildlife during one sit anywhere else. From archery hunts to muzzleloader hunts to general season hunts, Texas offers something for every whitetail hunter and the fun doesn't have to end when you tag out on mature bucks.

Plan your whitetail deer hunt so it overlaps with the fall turkey season, chase some exotics while you're in the Lone Star State, or take advantage of the open season on feral hogs. You'll almost certainly have to book with an outfitter to hunt in Texas, but it's easy to find a fair chase outfit with reasonable pricing.

While bag limits vary by county, the statewide total is five deer, including up to three whitetail bucks. So you're sure to fill your freezer in Texas.

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