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Here's Three Whiskey Tasting Rooms To Whet Your Malt Appetite

Suppose you love whiskey sipping, relaxing with a view, and learning all about your favorite liquid gold in gorgeous tasting rooms around the country. In that case, this list is specially curated for YOU. From a tucked-away gem in the heart of Colorado to a 19th-century renovated factory in Michigan, America's bourbon whiskey scene takes the worldwide cup for this glorified drink hailing from its roots in Scotland and Ireland.

Unlike your eccentric craft breweries in Portland or wine tasting in Napa Valley, we've curated our concise but lovely list of whiskey tasting rooms at distilling locations nationwide. Whether it is your first time at a whiskey distillery or you are already planning St. Patrick's Day for next year, we have you covered with our top three favorite tasting bars and bourbon whiskey distilleries in the USA. Is there a better sight than a room full of oak casks filled with American single malt whiskey? You tell us.

Journeyman Distillery - Three Oaks, Michigan

Journeyman Distillery, located in the former Warren Featherbone Company factory building

Kefacho, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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What was initially the E.K. Warren Featherbone Factory that used to produce buggy whips and corsets is now home to Journeyman Distillery. The brainchild of Bill Welter, this expansive property comprises a distillery, restaurant, tasting room, a guest apartment, and a rental home that sleeps up to 14 guests. This drink-centered destination also has Welter's Folly, boasting a 30,000-square-foot, eighteen-hole natural grass putting course inspired by the famed Himalayas layout at St Andrews' Old Course.

As one of the only in a small selection in the country, Journeyman is also one of the only certified organic and kosher distilleries in the U.S. The drink portfolio presents nine whiskeys, including bourbon, rye, wheat, single malt, four grain, white, and Kissing Cousins (aged white and red wine barrels). They also create delectable grain-based spirits such as whiskey, gin, and vodka.

Marble Distilling - Carbondale, Colorado

A one-of-a-kind craft distillery and a high-end hotel in the heart of the Rockies, Marble Distilling is definitely a must-see and taste on every whiskey lover's list. Produced by the purest waters from the Crystal River, Marble's motto is "Drink Sustainably." They see this through their zero-waste facilities, 100% water recapture, spent grains given to local ranchers, and energy-efficient heating and cooling methods. Marble Distilling offers three whiskeys to choose from (or not choose - definitely have them all), including their newest edition - Hoover's Revenge Ragged Mountain Rye, which honors the old coon dog named Hoover. Ragged Mountain Rye whiskey is a glorious blend of all-Colorado rye traced with light white wheat and malted barley. You can also enjoy single-barrel bourbon and American whiskey.

But Marble is not just a whiskey distillery. Their award-winning sustainability model also crafts a delectable spin on the limoncello - the gingercello, vodka and coffee liqueur, and other things seasonal and small-batch oral pleasures. You may even get a distillery tour by the "Queen Bee" herself - Connie Baker, who walks guests through the distillation process and into the distillery tasting room's favorite part of the experience. If you really want to indulge, book one of the pet-friendly boutique suites located above the stills, fitted with gas fireplaces, spa-like bathrooms, stocked mini-bars, private balconies, and the added perk of on-site Tesla chargers.

Whisky Attic - Las Vegas, Nevada

Adam Carmer's Whiskey Attic inside of the Freakin Frog.

Berryr3, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A glorified whiskey tasting room guaranteed to school even the most knowledgeable, the Whisky Attic in Sin City is sure to keep the devil on your shoulder. Spend an afternoon or evening at their whiskey bar (with over 1,500 international whiskeys!) and leave feeling a lot more acquainted with all things whiskey. Winning awards and accolades for almost two decades, the experiences offered here include a private consultation with a whiskey expert, a run-down on the layered history of the beverage, and even training in the sensory perception and tasting of the drink. You can even bring the experience directly to you, with options for shipping to get the Whisky Attic to your living room or home bar (although nothing beats the real deal).

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