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Where Do You Really Shoot a Turkey with a Bow?

shot placement

Archery hunting for turkeys is a great challenge for multiple reasons. But shot placement is incredibly important, so where do you aim?

Turkeys' eyesight is absolutely incredible. If they could smell like a whitetail, coyote, or hog, we probably wouldn't kill any. So, bowhunting for turkeys provides a challenge because getting drawn back can be extremely difficult.

So many archery hunters go the ground-blind route to increase their chances. But, once you've successfully got them in range, where do you put your pin? This is a great question and a very important one.

A turkey's vitals are about the size of a softball, so there isn't much room for error.

Where To Shoot a Turkey with a Bow

Turkeys offer a very small vital area for bow hunting, so where are the vitals and where should you aim?#TurkeyHunting #ShotPlacement #BowHunting

Posted by Turkey Hunting Mania on Wednesday, March 21, 2018

With so many different styles of archery targets out there, it seems they all have the vitals in a little different place. And unlike whitetail, pretty much any angle the turkey is at presents an ethical shot, it's just a matter of knowing where to put that pin.

This video does a great job of explaining the vitals, and where to adjust your aim based on whether the tom is walking, strutting or feeding.

Use this information to increase your chances, and good luck chasing gobblers this season!


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Where Do You Really Shoot a Turkey with a Bow?