campfire defender

What's This 'CampFire Defender' Thing All About?

Preserve your next campfire safely.

The last thing you want to do is be the cause of a fire gone wrong. While it's habit to extinguish campfires with dirt and water, there is an even easier option to keep your campfire going.

The Campfire Defender is designed to control heat and oxygen so you can safely prolong your coals overnight. This will protect your fire from wind or rain, while also allowing you the option to put out your fire in a controlled and harmless manner. If you know you don't want to be the cause of a major uh-oh, you can get this for $249.95.

Campfire Defender - Pro Camper Kit
camp defender

The way this blanket-style conserver works is as simple as it seems. You place the defender over the camp fire by using the tools provided in the bag. With gloves, you place the stake in the middle of the fire to elevate the center of the blanket while staking the corners to the ground. Then, offset from the center, you will find a ventilation window for the smoke to air out letting the fire breathe while keeping the coals sizzling. This aids in protecting your fire from unpredicted weather while you rest up for the next day.

This defender is sure to make your next camping trip so much easier and substantially safer. Don't wait on this must-have outdoor life hack.