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What's New in the Tactical Department at SHOT Show?

The tactical department continues to grow with every new SHOT Show, and this year's selection didn't disappoint.

BLACKHAWK! was the brand that impressed us the most. The kinds of tactical gear that we expected, and didn't, at SHOT Show 2018 were all featured prominently in the BLACKHAWK! booth.

There were some brand new items that had just hit the market as the show got rolling, and we were eager to see what they looked like, felt like, and could do.

The Omnivore Holster (available in Black, Coyote Tan, and Urban Gray) and Multipoint Slings were both winners in the firearm accessory category. The Omnivore boasts that it can comfortable carry 236 handguns (and counting) without any modifications or adjustments. It's essentially a free-floating holster, giving your gun enough room to avoid snags and be quickly released with your thumb for simple access.

While we're on the subject of holsters, the classic-looking Leather 3-Slot Pancake Holster is fantastic to see, and even better once you realize how well put together it is.

We also marveled at the pair of Desert Ops Boots that were spinning on a mannequin near the center of the BLACKHAWK! booth. There aren't many scenarios where those wouldn't be the ideal boots to wear.

There were shirts, packs, and plenty more shown off by BLACKHAWK! and we were encouraged by the level of advancement the brand is taking their tactical ideas. For consumers like us, it's a welcome addition.

Our SHOT Show 2018 coverage is brought to you in partnership with Federal Premium Ammunition, and will continue during and after the Show, which takes place January 23-26, 2018. Check out our full coverage, including plenty of news and unveilings from Federal Premium, as well as other shooting and outdoor brands.


WATCH: SHOT Show 2018's Best Tactical Products from BLACKHAWK!

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What's New in the Tactical Department at SHOT Show?