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What's the Latest From the Fatsack Outdoors App? We'll Fill You In

Here's why the Fatsack Outdoors app is like a genie in your tacklebox.

Do you keep any sort of record when you fish? No? Probably because it's sort of a pain to carry a pen and paper out on the water, or remember everything that happened in a day for a post-session recap.

We hear ya, and so did Fatsack Outdoors, who brought the angling world the app they'd needed for a long time.

You've got your smart phone with you anyway, why not use it wisely while you're fishing?


The Fatsack Outdoors app really does promote the ease of logging catches and tackle inventory, the importance of a catch journal, and the integral social component of fishing (but it doesn't share catch data, so you're not worrying about your secrets getting out).

Basically, it's the ultimate tool. It's ideal to use before, during, and after any angler's time on the water, whether they're competing in a big tournament, or just casting in their local pond.

Tournament hosting becomes an accomplishable task using Fatsack Outdors' sophisticated and customizable features. Plus, there's an integrated Bluetooth scale and a 48" waterproof ruler that gets you access to exclusive tournaments.

Here's a basic rundown of what Fatsack Outdoors can do for your angling abilities.


It will store a list of your favorite rigs, let you keep track of resupplies, and uses easy scan tool to enter new items.


Fishermen and women can save time with the Automatic Capture feature, which will record every detail about their catch with a few thumb swipes.


Anyone with the app can compete, host, and administer tournaments from anywhere, and manage real standings and prize money. It can take the form of anything, from a 15-boat tournament to a friendly challenge with a buddy.


Fatsack lets fishermen utilize the technology to easily record, log, and learn from their fishing data.


The app will let you share your experience, post a quick comment or a big catch, and maintain the connection with your fishing friends that makes the hobby so fun in the first place.


Inside the app you'll find news articles and videos on all things angling.

It's well worth at least seeing the full package that Fatsack offers, and giving two minutes of thought as to how you'd benefit. After that, you'll be won over just like we were.