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If You Hear a Doe Make These Noises in the Woods, You're Busted

There's nothing worse to hear in the middle of a hunt.

Everything is set up perfectly: you're in your favorite stand and the deer are moving.

The only problem is they have a nose that would put a bloodhound to shame, and one of them just used it on you. The only thing you can do now is shoot or laugh.

Sometimes crying works, too.

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If you haven't seen this or heard this at some point out in the woods, then you haven't hunted enough whitetail deer.

Even when we're scouting, this is the sound we dread!

How about it, turkey hunters? Ever have one do this to you while you were working a gobbler? I know I have!

It's a fact of hunting life, and a big doe will do it to us every time.