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What Will Go Through More Tennis Balls: 9mm or .22LR?

Ever wonder how effective tennis balls are at stopping 9mm or .22LR rounds? No, didn't think so. But it's still fun to find out.

A lot of gun owners wonder about the penetration power of their round of choice. People all over the world find creative ways to display just that, but putting the rounds through the gauntlet with tennis balls is a new one.

YouTuber Edwin Sarkissan has built a name for himself shooting rounds through various objects to see how they fare. In this video, he tests both 9mm rounds from a Glock 17, as well as .22LR to see just how many tennis balls it takes to stop each of them.

The number might just surprise you.

I seriously figured the 9mm would pierce through darn near every tennis ball he laid out there. I knew they would slow it down, but tennis balls are hollow, so there isn't much mass there to go through.

I think the coolest thing about this test was how he could just cut open the ball it stopped in and retrieve the bullet. Most tests don't allow for that in the end!

Hopefully, he steps this test up with some higher caliber rounds. Would love to see how many tennis balls in a row a .357 or higher round would go through.

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