What Happens to a Morel Mushroom During a Cold Snap?

Ever wonder what happens to a morel mushroom during a drop in temperature? 

Morel mushrooms are spring delicacy, but what would happen if a sudden cold snap came across the United States during the growing season?

There's plenty of morel info out there, and YouTube has proven to be a swath of it. Like this video, for instance, which talks through some of the things that happen to wild edibles during a cold snap.

See and learn the impact of cold weather in regard to morel mushrooms.

Morel mushrooms can be a little finicky when it comes to growth. The conditions need to be just right to foster serious growth for the delicious fungi. Cold weather still stun the growth of morel mushrooms. According to the video, if a cold snap occurs, even smaller mushrooms that are just beginning to sprout can surpass in growth of larger mushrooms.

Don't fret if a light cold snap comes this spring during morel mushroom season.

Many believe their is only three things that shorten a season.

  1. A long freeze once the morel mushrooms have sprouted.
  2. Prolonged warmth of temperatures reaching above 80 degrees for multiple days in a row. The warmth causes the morel mushrooms to grow very large, fall over and begin to rot.
  3. Lack of rain and moisutre will also cause a season to run short, because the mushrooms will dry up.