buck walking in circle

What Could Possibly be Wrong with This Buck?

This buck walking in circles has taken over the internet, with everyone wondering what might be the cause.

A video has surfaced on social media, and it has several people wondering what's up. A buck, seen below, was caught walking aimlessly in circles. As the family in the car gets closer, you can see the deer is unperturbed by their presence.

At first, you can hear the woman in the video referring the blood on his antlers. This is common, as we know that as bucks shed their velvet, their antlers will bleed. But the concern with many people is what is causing the deer to act so strange.

Watch the video, then we'll break down one possible cause.

So, this is actually common deer activity. While many believe this to be directly related to CWD, the truth is, deer displaying this behavior have been euthanized in the past and tested for the disease. The results have commonly come back negative for CWD.

Instead, although we can't be sure with the buck in this video, it is often related to a brain parasite. The brainworm, called Parelaphostrongylus tenuis, is a roundworm normally found in the venous sinuses and subdural space of the brain of white-tailed deer. We've seen this before with moose, and it causes them to act like zombies. As for deer, it causes all kinds of strange activity which, of course, can sometimes include oddly walking in circles.

There's no proof that this is the reason this buck is walking in circles, however there is a good chance this is the cause. Michigan Department of Natural Resources completed a study in the past where fawns were affected by the brain worm. The results were spasms and temporary lameness, but almost all cases resulted in death of the deer.

It's always advised never to touch or interfere with wildlife in nature. If you happen to witness something like this happening, it never hurts to call and report the situation to your local Department of Natural Resources.

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