The 5 Best Birdhouse Colors That Attract Birds

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If you'd like for some birds to feel welcome to your garden, plant the right flowers and give them a home and source of food.

Growing up, my grandma always made sure to have her birdbath filled with fresh water. Birdwatching was one of my favorite things to do at her house. Her house truly is a welcoming home for all, including different birds.

She went above and beyond to have a beautiful yard dedicated to bringing birds to her garden. She had bird feeders, birdbaths, and bright flowers. One thing we could've added to the list was birdhouses. Maybe a number of birds thought they were wearing out their welcome once they hung out for a while.

Can Birds See Colors? What Colors Attract Birds?

Yes! From a Yale/Cambridge Study: "Ironically, the answer is that birds see many more colors than humans can, but birds are also capable of seeing many more colors than they have in their plumage."

Birds see color, and different species can actually see more colors than humans. Birds love bright flowers, along with a birdhouse that blends in with the environment. Pick out a birdhouse that blends in with the colors of your flowers.

Do Birds Like Birdhouses for Winter Months?

There's a variety of birds that seek birdhouses for the winter. If bluejays and woodpeckers are in your region, expect them to seek a warm home during cold nights.

You can also expect them to be on the lookout for water. Water freezes and typically leaves birds with one less water source. Be sure to consider a heated birdbath to prevent water from freezing.

Colors that attract birds

1. Red

Birds love the color red. Which bird species? Well, most of them. A nice bright red flower will do the trick. If you have hummingbirds in your region, plant some sweet peas, and hang up a red birdhouse in a tree.

This mix of the fragrant purple and red flowers will be a hummingbird magnet. Be sure to clean your hummingbird feeders!

2. Yellow

If you live in an area with goldfinches, add some bright yellow to your garden. It's said that goldfinches love bright colors. Plant some yellow pygmy sunflower seeds and add a birdhouse to match.

3. Purple

Guess who loves purple plants too? You guessed it, hummingbirds. Add some lovely purple coneflowers next to a purple birdhouse and see if that gets a hummingbird's heartbeat going.

4. Orange

Get your honeysuckles planted! The gorgeous orange and pink mixed flowers are one of the hummingbird's favorites as well. House some hummingbirds in a birdhouse that will blend in with your honeysuckles.

5. Pink

A pink flower birds will be attracted to are desert willows. Here's a nice RV trailer birdhouse for birds to camp out in. They'll love this nesting site.

These birdhouses will become a safe place for birds to bring all their nesting material to. Some believe that birds truly have a color preference.

Perky-Pet 325S panorama bird feeder

Another way to attract birds is to provide them with a food source. Wild birds flock to bird feeders.

Kaytee wild bird food black oil sunflower

Sunflower seeds are a popular bird food for all types of birds.

If you've wanted to pick up birding as a hobby, or just want your garden to attract birds, make your garden a home full of resources for birds.

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This post was originally published on July 31, 2019.

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