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6 Budget-Friendly Wearable Sleeping Bags for Your Next Camping Trip

Campers swear by wearable sleeping bags for cold-weather camping.

When shopping for sleeping bags, you should take the temperature rating seriously, especially if you're camping in the fall or winter. Campers worldwide are finding out that wearable sleeping bags have fantastic temperature ratings and are also extremely comfy.

Anyone who's ever spent a considerable amount of time camping is well aware of the struggle that lies between hanging out by the fire and crawling into your tent to get warm and sleep. No one wants to cut the night short, but sometimes, a warm jacket just isn't enough to keep you comfortable.

Having a wearable sleeping bag gives any camper the best of both worlds when the temperatures swing low, and they're extremely functional, too.

Not only will these sleeping bags keep you warm outside of your tent, but they'll also deliver in keeping you warm and cozy throughout the night. Here are six sleeping bags that you might feel a little goofy in at first but will absolutely love once it's time for bed.

1. Selk'bag Lite 6G Wearable Sleeping Bag

Selk'bag is the go-to brand for wearable sleeping bags. They are a bit pricey compared to most options on Amazon, but they're worth it.

This unisex sleeping bag has removable booties so you can wear shoes while you're up. Thanks to the water repellent coating and insulated hood, you'll be warm and toasty in 40-degree weather. It is machine washable, making it a top-pick. Be sure to check out their sizing chart. It comes in sizes S-XL.

It'll surely come in handy for any kind of camping excursion to decide to plan, whether you fancy casual camping, backcountry camping, or if you just want to stay prepared for the impromptu car camping experience.

There's a variety of reasons these are so popular, but ultimately it's versatility that sells the Selk'bag.

2. Selk'bag Original 6G Sleeping Bag

Here's the original version of the Selk'bag adult wearable sleeping bag. With two layers of synthetic insulation wrap, your entire body will stay warm. Be sure to check out the sizing chart so you can find your size. The small would be a great fit for kids up to 5 feet tall.

The no-hassle hand openings are a plus. The armholes are roomy, so you'll have easy access to everything. Enjoy roasting marshmallows while you're in your comfy sleeping bag! Feel free to wear your own shoes in it as well.

While the Lite and the Original share many of the same features, it really comes down to how cold it's going to be where you camp. If you live in a northern or mountainous state and plan to brave slightly harsher weather, the Original is worth the difference in cost.

3. Kijaro Kubie Versatile

Consider this option for comfortable sleeping for your next camping trip. This water-resistant camping sleeping bag can be configured into a poncho, ground cover, pillow, hammock, hammock liner, quilt, or shade canopy. I'd say it's the best bang for the buck, largely because of just how many ways you can use it.

One Amazon review reads, "This product is fantastic, its many uses make it a valuable traveling companion. Whether in the car or when camping you appreciate having this around. One thing is that is is bulky when packed in its own bag, but not enough to knock off a star. I can hardly wait for spring to try it as a hammock. I tell everyone one that will listen how much I enjoy my Kubie!"

It's only $80 and is also Amazon Prime eligible.

4. Sportneer Sleeping Bag Wearable

This sleeping bag has a polyester shell, making it ideal for any kind of weather. It can handle rain, dust, and even snow, while keeping you warm in 20-degree weather.

With it priced right at $37, I'd say it's one of the most budget-friendly options if you're looking to gift it to that camper in your life. Don't let the price fool you, though. With nearly 800 positive ratings, it's a high-quality pick for camping and outdoor sporting events.

The novelty of a wearable sleeping bag alone is worth the cost of this product, but it does in fact deliver.

5. 0-Degree Wearable Sleeping Bag for Adults

This wearable sleeping bag sure does look comfy! It's a bit heavier than some bags. It weighs 4.3 pounds and has a lot of cotton filling. However, weight typically equates to warmth and comfort, which is certainly true in the case of this bag, as it's rated to handle 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

To make things extra cozy, connect the sleeping bag of the left zip and the bag on the right zipper to turn it into a double sleeping bag. This is ideal for couples looking to stay extra warm, but you are going to have to figure out who gets to wear the bag while you're outside of the tent.

6. Poler Men's The Classic Napsack Wearable Sleeping Bag

Consider Poler's wearable sleeping bag for its functionality. This sleeping bag traps in body heat, leaving you feeling warm and cozy in 50-degree temperatures. It's machine washable and has a chest pocket to fit your phone and headphone wiring, which instantly make it a favorite among consumers.

If you're 6'3'' or taller, you'll be glad to know the XL is perfect for you, so don't worry about buying something too big.

While all of these bags are great options, it's better to take a conventional sleeping bag with you the first time you go, just in case you don't like the way it sleeps. There's nothing worse than powering through a camping trip with a bad sleeping situation.

However, for the cost, you'll be hard-pressed to find a deal better than those included on this list.

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This post was originally published in 2020.