concealed cargo constant companion cargo pants

We Test Out the Concealed Cargo Constant Companion Pants

These great pants let you pack some serious firepower with ease.

Pocket carry of handguns is a favorite of many licensed citizens and law enforcement officers everywhere. However, pocket carry usually means you need a smaller sized weapon and a separate pocket holster.

Even with pocket holsters, ordinary pockets begin to wear quickly. Well, everything has changed with the Concealed Cargo Constant Companion Cargo Pants.

These very stylish khaki colored cargo pants are all business. They would be at home in an office, shopping mall or anywhere a suit and tie is not required. Looks are deceiving, though!

These trousers will pack some serious heat that was not available to the pocket carrier in the past. The extra deep pockets are contoured to conceal full sized handguns. The pocket openings are extra wide for quick presentation of your handgun. One pocket (right or left hand by choice when purchasing) has a tough lint free nylon pocket (holster if you will). The other pocket is deep too with separated pockets inside for magazines or speedloaders of choice. Remember you also have two back pockets and two cargo leg pockets for more gear. The leg cargo pockets have Velcro type closures.

The cotton material is ultra soft. I live in various military and civilian style cargo pants, but I have yet to wear a pair as comfortable and generously cut as the Concealed Cargo Constant Companion Cargo Pants. The adjusting tabs on the side are just like the ones we are used to on military cargo pants. I normally wear a size 33" waist with a 32" inseam but quickly realized that the 34"x 32" size was too tight. The great folks had a pair of 36"x 32" in the mail A.S.A.P., which fit perfectly. Make sure you buy a size larger than usual.

Did I mention that in the above pictures of the Concealed Cargo Constant Companion Cargo Pants, I was packing a full sized Glock 21 .45 ACP pistol along with three loaded spare magazines? Did you see any gun printing? Now, that is a massive load of firepower that was comfortable to carry and extremely well concealed.

I practiced with an unloaded weapon (always check!) to see how fast I could present the large sized Glock pistol, and I was quite impressed. The sharp-looking Concealed Cargo Constant Companion Cargo Pants also fit, much to my surprise, a Smith and Wesson 329 Revolver in the mighty .44 magnum caliber. Now that is a combination for hiking the trails of Alaska, too. Also tested were various full sized Glock models, a Kahr PM9, Ruger SP101 and Charter Arms Undercover handguns. They all fit incredibly well.

What would I change, personally? I would add buttons on the back pockets to keep your wallet from slipping out. Other than that, I am highly impressed with the Concealed Cargo Constant Companion Cargo Pants. Check out a pair of these revolutionary tactical pants at the Concealed Cargo website