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The 5 Best Waterproof Matches for Your Emergency Kit

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Emergency preparedness is an essential part of planning outdoor adventures like hiking, camping, or hunting. While the trail and the campsite are great places to unwind and explore, there's no need to take unnecessary risks, and it's important to have the right products on hand for things that can and do go wrong. Stocking up on the right supplies allows you to enjoy the great outdoors with the peace of mind that you're covered for any situation. This brings us to waterproof matches. In an emergency situation or rainy and windy weather, getting a fire going can make all the difference. Waterproof matches are a small, easily packable item that can go a long way, because they can light in all types of weather. They're also fairly budget-friendly, and can last for years if properly stored in their waterproof packaging. To help you choose the right one for you, we curated a few unique products. Focusing on cost and reliability, we narrowed it down to five of the best options available online.  

1. The Best Pick Overall


UCO Titan Stormproof Match Kit - REI, $11.95

UCO is probably the most well-known waterproof match brand there is, and this Titan Stormproof kit is about the most reliable option you can find. The matches themselves are sturdy and long-burning, and the handy waterproo case is more than durable — plus, it even floats. The kit only comes with 12 matches, but you also get three replaceable strikers and a lanyard. According to one recent five-star review, the matches produce "...a strong, sustained burn in windy conditions. Really only had one night out of five where these were necessary and they absolutely burned hot and long enough to start a campfire. No problem striking against the container."

2. Another Great Option


 LTKdesign Stormproof Waterproof Matches - Amazon, $9.98

You can think of these matches from LTKdesign as a slightly less expensive version of the UCO Titans. This option has a marginally shorter burn time, but the kit comes with 20 matches packed in a similar portable case. They also have a 20-second burn time when you strike one. Overall, they should more than serve most needs, so you won't go wrong if you decide on this value option. 

3. The Best Bulk Option


Coghlan's 940BP Waterproof Matches (4-Pack) - Amazon, $9.50

Another great value for those who want to stock up, this four-pack of 40-match boxes from Coghlan's is the best bet for bulk buyers. While they aren't as big as other waterproof matches, both the matches and strikers work reliably even when wet, The traditional wooden shape should make it easy for you to get a spark going, and you're unlikely to run out any time soon. One Amazon reviewer summed them up perfectly, saying "...these have been around for years, and they get the job done when needed."

4. The Matches That Burn for Over 30 Seconds


Zippo Typhoon Match Kit - Amazon, $16.40

For the backpackers who obsess over keeping their pack as light as possible, we love this super-portable kit from Zippo. It comes with 15 typhoon matches, which snugly fit in a buoyant carrying case that clips to your bag or even your belt loop. Each match can survive being completely submerged in water, and they'll burn for up to 30 seconds at a time. These have really positive five-star reviews on Amazon, with one person writing: "These matches are very big! I was surprised at the size of them. They will burn a long time giving you the ability to start a fire without fear of the match burning out."

5. The Best No-Strike Option


SURVIVE Permanent Match (5-Pack) - Amazon, $19.99

While this option made by Survive isn't the typical waterproof matches you've seen above, they're a great option for anyone who stresses about a striker failing you. They're permanent matches, which means you fill them with lighter fluid and they'll last over 15,000 strikes. Plus, they come in a container that's safe from all types of elements. While you should still bring a backup option just in case your lighter runs out of fuel, this five-pack should serve you well in most situations — just don't forget to top it off with lighter fluid before you head out!

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